The modern slavery due diligence platform

Assess operations and supply chains for slavery risk. Prioritize at-risk suppliers, geographies and products for action. Gather data for reporting. All with one simple online solution.


The RightsDD Platform

Supply chains are vast and complex.

Assessing them for slavery and addressing risks is hard. RightsDD is your place to start. We help organizations:

Collect Data

Through our ‘SmartQ’ software, we help you gather relevant data about your operations and suppliers. We direct your effort in the most efficient way, prioritizing high risk areas for supplier engagement

Analyze Data

We use our technology + a large body of proprietary and third party risk indicators to analyze your operations and supply chains, identifying key areas of slavery risk on a custom dashboard

Take Action

We help you prioritize those areas where you can take action, recommending next steps. Our tool auto-generates a best-in-class modern slavery statement template for your compliance reporting

Our Customers

If you are subject to regulation (e.g. UK Modern Slavery Act, California Transparency in Supply Chains Act, New South Wales Modern Slavery Act) or care about investigating the risk of slavery in your supply chain, RightsDD can help.

We work with companies of any size and in every industry, from food and apparel to education and services.

We recognize that many companies are subject to new modern slavery regulations and just at the beginning of understanding what these mean. RightsDD also offers an initial preparedness service to help you identify your current position and best next steps. Contact us to find out more.


Why It Matters

There are 40 million slaves in the world today. 16 million of these humans are exploited in business supply chains. Modern slavery is an abhorrent trade that will not be ended without everyone playing their part.


About RightsDD

RightsDD is an award winning startup. We build technology that empowers companies to tackle modern slavery. We are a growing multidisciplinary team with expertise in business and human rights, based in London.

We are supported by leading organizations in the anti-slavery and tech for good movements, including:

Winner of the 2019 Cambridge University Entrepreneurs' Geospock software startup award


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