The modern slavery due diligence platform. Learn how it works.

1. Engage suppliers
Use RightsDDact to easily engage with your suppliers. Simply upload a list of suppliers. We contact them on your behalf and generate a risk profile of each of them. RightsDDact does the heavy lifting for you.

2. Assess risk
RightsDDact assesses slavery risk in your supply chain using our unparalleled dataset of modern slavery risk indicators. We profile each of your suppliers and the goods and services that you buy from them.

3. Monitor performance
RightsDDact continuously monitors your supply chain and updates you if a new risk emerges. If one your suppliers or products is credibly linked to abuse, we notify you and provide support.

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4. Act
RightsDDact identifies risk mitigations to help tackle slavery in your supply chain. It facilitates compliance with the Australian and UK Modern Slavery Acts and the US ban on importing goods made by forced labour.

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