Slavery is an issue of our time and this abuse exists in all industries and countries.

In order to help end slavery, companies are expected to conduct ongoing due diligence, consistent with the UN Guiding Principles on Business & Human Rights. Failure to act creates ethical, operational, reputational and legal risk for companies.

New laws require many businesses to report on the steps they are taking to tackle slavery.

Human Rights Due Diligence Laws

UK Government logo

UK Modern Slavery Act

Requires companies to report annually on the steps taken to prevent and mitigate slavery in operations and supply chains.

US Government logo

US Federal Acquisition Regulation

Government suppliers must conduct due diligence to prevent forced labour and unethical labour recruitment practices. Penalties for non-compliance include termination of contracts or fines. 

French Government logo

French Duty of Vigilance Law

Requires subject companies to implement and report on human rights due diligence. Non-compliance can result in fines or civil liability action.

Australian Government logo

Australian Modern Slavery Act

Subject companies are required to report annually on slavery due diligence in operations and supply chain

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Dutch Child Labour Due Diligence Law

Requires companies to conduct and report on due diligence measure taken to prevent child labour. Non-compliance can result in high fines or prison sentences.

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