Investment, Mergers & Acquisitions ESG Due Diligence

Investment, Mergers & Acquisitions ESG Due Diligence

Human rights risk for investors

RightsDD helps clients identify and mitigate environmental, social and governance (ESG) risk associated with the operations and supply chains of companies they invest in or acquire.
Human rights risk, or the ‘social’ component of ESG, is poorly understood by traditional sustainability consultants. That’s a problem as poor human rights management can meaningfully impact brand value and revenue.

M&A human rights due diligence

RightsDD are human rights specialists. Our technology, data and expertise help companies around the world assess and monitor their operations and supply chains for human rights risk.
Our unique technology and data allow us to rapidly assess the risk profile of investment and acquisition targets. We help clients make informed M&A decisions and support post-acquisition operations.

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